About Me

As a busy working wife and dog mom, I am always hunting for delicious and easy recipes to make in the kitchen. My favorite dishes are often created by accident with leftover ingredients in the fridge.

I hope to inspire people to cook new things in the kitchen. My goal is to arm them with the knowledge and tricks I have learned along the way so they can be confident and willing to take on new ingredients, cooking techniques, and cuisines.

We are all busy and live stressful lives. The idea of cooking at the end of a long day can seem exhausting. My goal is to show people how easy and quick some of these recipes can be.

For many of us cooking is about saving money and being healthy. I do not believe that eating healthy means eating roasted chicken breast and vegetables everyday.

I am by no means a professional cook. I have never worked in professional kitchen. My food is made in a small New York City kitchen. I don’t have all the answers but I do have questions and a desire to learn. Follow me @hungrygirlinqueens so we can work together to answer culinary questions.

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